Train & Railroad Accidents

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Wheeling Train & Railroad Accident Attorneys

Train & Railroad Accidents

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There are over 2,400 miles of railways in West Virginia. These heavily-used routes keep numerous industries operating and communities connected. Unfortunately, countless accidents occur on the railroads each year, which often result in serious injuries to workers and bystanders. While we may expect the insurance companies and railroad companies to compensate victims for their physical and financial burdens, these large corporations often try to pass the blame to other parties, or accuse the victims of being irresponsible.

If you have been unable to recover compensation for your train accident, don’t wait to speak with a skilled personal injury lawyer in West Virginia. At Jividen Law Offices, PLLC we are dedicated to helping accident victims and their families recover damages and secure justice, and we can fight for you if you’ve been harmed in a train or railroad collision.

Common Causes of Train & Railroad Accidents

There are many policies in place to keep both passengers and workers safe when riding or working on trains and railroads in West Virginia. Despite these safety policies, negligence on behalf of railroad companies or individual workers often causes serious accidents and catastrophic injuries or death on railways all over the state.

Common causes of train accidents include:

  • Defective railroad crossing signs or lights
  • Failing train mechanisms
  • Unsafe roadway or railway conditions
  • Visibility issues between cars and oncoming trains (like vegetation)
  • Conductor negligence or inaction
  • Trains derail from their tracks
  • Slip and falls on train tracks
  • Collisions between two separate trains

No matter what the cause of the railroad accident may be, you deserve to be justly compensated for the wealth of injuries you have suffered. When a railroad company or other party is at fault for the accident, they need to be held liable, both for your injuries and for putting other people in danger to begin with. You may be able to recover a monetary reward to cover medical expenses, home care, rehabilitation, lost wages, property damages, and more.

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Seeking Justice for West Virginia Railway Accidents

If you are a railroad employee, passenger, or a bystander who has sustained injury on a train or railway due to negligence, contact Jividen Law Offices, PLLC to learn about your options to recover compensation. With over 35+ years of legal practice, our West Virginia personal injury attorneys have the experience and skill needed to protect victims’ rights and help them seek maximum compensation for their injuries and losses.

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